Interior Design Master Class, edited by Carl Dellatore, is a collection of 100 essays by the principals of 100 of the best interior design firms in America today – 100 variegated perspectives, each creating a discourse on one subject within the design discipline.

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The book is being published by Rizzoli New York, to be released in October 2016.

The practice of interior design is often stereotyped as all a play with surface – skillful, stylish – but ultimately superficial. IDMC dispels this myth, uncovering the ideas and meanings behind this most ancient and necessary of arts. It is an education of the mind as well as the senses, intended to inspire and instruct design students and practitioners, and to reach the sensitive layperson.  

The premise? We all inhabit dwellings of some kind; the more thoughtful the attention we exert upon them, the more our infrastructure – our whole built world – is beautified.

The designers who have contributed to this book have evinced great depth of decoration, an individual imprint, upon the whole profession. Each has chosen a single subject to explore: Some have examined basic design ideas – scale, tradition, and comfort, for example – while others venture to analyze the interior in terms of industrial design, couture fashion, literature, and sex to name but a few topics off the beaten path.

What will set this book apart from the ubiquitous coffee table book? A synthesis of sensational images and writing that reveals each designer at their most eloquent and insightful. It will be a great picture book – but one with scholarly and narrative intent. You will be compelled to read, as well as to look.

The contributing designers are a who’s-who of the industry’s leaders. Here is the complete list;

Martha Angus, Anthony Baratta, Barbara Barry, Bruce Bierman, Jeffrey Bilhuber, Laura Bohn, Nancy Braithwaite, Alessandra Branca, Timothy Brown, Mario Buatta, Martyn Lawrence Bullard, Jesse Carrier & Mara Miller, Darryl Carter, Anthony Cochran, Etienne Coffinier & Ed Ku, Eric Cohler, Celeste Cooper, Timothy Corrigan, Robert Couturier, Ellie Cullman, Mark Cunningham, Carl D’Aquino & Francine Monaco, Ernest de la Torre, Barry Dixon, Mary Douglas Drysdale, Arthur Dunnam, David Easton, Katie Eastridge, Rhonda Eleish & Edie Van Breems, Maureen Footer, Brad Ford, Steven Gambrel, William T Georgis, Glenn Gissler, Mariette and Brooke Gomez, Barry Goralnick, S Russell Groves, Victoria Hagan, Alexa Hampton, Meredith Harrington, Thad Hayes, Harry Heissmann, Shawn Henderson, Jiun Ho, Terry Hunziker, Kathryn Ireland, Thomas Jayne, Suzanne Kasler, David Kleinberg, Sal LaRosa, Amy Lau, David Mann, Kara Mann, Bobby McAlpine, Brian McCarthy, Jayne & Joan Michaels, Richard Mishaan, Juan Montoya, Charlotte Moss, Joe Nahem, Amanda Nisbet, Benjamin Noriega Ortiz, Sandra Nunnerley, Thomas O’Brien, Alex Papachristidis, Robert Passal, Thomas Pheasant, Campion Platt, Ann Pyne of McMillen, Miles Redd, Suzanne Rheinstein, Raji Radhakrishnan, Markham Roberts, Eve Robinson, Daniel Sachs & Kevin Lindores, Scott Salvator, Tom Scheerer, Kathryn Scott, Paul Sisken, Cindy Smith & Jane Schwab, Stephen Shadley, Jan Showers, Michael Simon, Stephen Sills, Windsor Smith, Matthew Patrick Smyth, Emily Summers, Robert Stilin, Madeline Stuart, Alan Tanksley, Rose Tarlow, Suzanne Tucker, Steven Volpe, Alan Wanzenberg, Kelly Wearstler, Timothy Whealon, Matthew White & Frank Webb, Bunny Williams, and Vicente Wolf.

This book will constitute a historical record – a treatise of American Interior Design in the tradition of Edith Wharton’s The Decoration of Houses – a timeless volume of both reference and pleasure, relevant and exciting for decades to come.


Now available for pre-order, by following this link !


Cover photo credits clockwise from upper left: Miles Redd/James Merrill, Markham Roberts/Nelson Hancock, Scott Salvator/Christian Garibaldi, Charlotte Moss/Pieter Estersohn, Steven Gambrel/Eric Piasecki, Alexa Hampton/Steve Freihon


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