Interior Design Master Class, edited by Carl Dellatore, is a collection of 100 essays written by the principals of 100 of the best interior design firms in America today — 100 variegated perspectives, each creating a discourse on one subject within the design discipline. Together the texts represent a complete course in interior design.

The preeminent American designers who have contributed to this book have each chosen a single subject to explore. Some have examined basic design ideas — scale, tradition, and comfort, for example — while others venture to analyze the interior in terms of industrial design, couture fashion, literature, and archaeology to name but a few topics off the beaten path.

What sets this book apart from the ubiquitous coffee table book? A synthesis of sensational images and writing that reveals each designer at his of her most eloquent and insightful. It is a great picture book — but one with scholarly and narrative intent. You will be compelled to read, as well as to look.

Interior Design Master Class constitutes a historical record — a treatise of American Interior Design in the tradition of Edith Wharton’s The Decoration of Houses — a timeless volume of both reference and pleasure, relevant and exciting for decades to come.