Editing services are available for print and electronic books; editorial features in consumer and trade publications; online content, including websites and blogs; and all types of business communications and corporate collateral. The scope of work can range from lightly polishing a brief case study so it has a crisp, authoritative shine all the way to helping conceptualize, structure, and write a major non-fiction book so that it accurately, succinctly, and gracefully expresses its author’s original intentions.

Content Strategy

A successful content strategy ensures that all communications are on-brand and consistent in style, quality, and voice across all delivery channels, including print, online, social media, email, video, mobile, and in person. It provides a map that supports and extends short- and long-term marketing initiatives, determining which methods work for a brand and why.

Key services include developing a functional content calendar; establishing standards, systems, and best practices for content creation, distribution, and maintenance; and supervising writers and other content creators so that standards are not only met but exceeded.

Digital Media

The fundamental service, which might be referred to as a digital audit, is to gain an accurate overview of an individual or organization’s digital presence, document its strengths and weaknesses, and recommend best practices and other relevant improvements.

Additional services include working with individuals within an organization to develop a content calendar aimed at maximizing its digital visibility across all appropriate platforms. Ongoing management of a comprehensive digital initiative can also be provided for individuals or organizations that lack either suitably trained staff or an interest in performing such work.